What are our reasons to publish the book?

Among different possible answers, the most significant is that we believe in our book. We hope to be able to share our experience without any obstacle with all kind of user: persons who enjoy reading; persons who don’t; those who prefer to listen; visually and, last but not least, disabled or impaired persons. We hope to be able to open the way to allow this multi accessible format to start a series of future projects with similar characteristics. We believe in the importance of launching a project which can be enjoyed without any restriction.

We already brought in the economic means to produce the book until the moment of its printing. A project of such a magnitude normally counts on a specific multi professional team to cover the different areas. As a multidisciplinary ‘mini’ team, we worked overtime to make our project come true, to get it published, on one hand, but conserving our creative autonomy, on the other.

This has a lot to do with the times we live in, because anybody, grown up along with technological advances, had to pass through different levels of knowledge and, after the years, the experience acquired may be sufficient to create and develop a project starting from an initial idea. Therefore, we have been able to keep the costs arisen until the present in reasonable margins. A sponsorship would enable us to complete our project getting the book printed.