The book

About the book

A 290 x 230 book in box format, with reversible front pages and magnetic clasp. 240 interior pages plus covers. Texts edited in Spanish, English, German and French. 4/4 print, full colour, on both sides. Interior: printed on heavyweight coated paper (150 gr). Covers printed on idem 170 gr. Laminated (1 mat cover). Sewn stitch binding. Hardcover counter glued. Book covers glued. Interior endpapers glued. HR photographs equivalent to medium format cameras (50 MP). The book includes a virtual visit according to the official index of the complete 7,4 km long trail by 360 HR-panoramic views. Optionally the book is presented in a wooden box.


The book includes a QR code providing direct access to the interactive multimedia content which characterizes the multi accessibility.

Multi accessibility: Sign guides and Locutions

The virtual visit is offered over the 7,4 km long trail and includes specific locution on each of the 50 panoramic views spoken in the 4 mentioned languages and expressed in a sign guide video in Spanish.

Short presentation

A new format and way to approach a book – reading, looking, listening and surfing… in Spanish, English, German and French; the format is also accessible to disabled or impaired persons. Each and everybody will be able to enjoy the Oma Forest by means of this polyvalent format.