The Magic Flight

We would like to take you for a walk through the Forest of Oma, located in the Natural Reserve of Urdaibai, the basque artist Agustín Ibarrola started to paint in the eighties of last century.


A new format and way to approach a book – reading, looking, listening and browsing… in Spanish, English, German and French. The format is also accessible to visually and auditory disabled or impaired persons. Everybody will be able to enjoy the Oma Forest by means of this polyvalent, innovative format.


I The archetypes. The collective unconscious.The symbols

II Symbolism of the tree and the forest. Myth and Totem

III The dialectics of life and art. The affects

IV Perspectives. Patterns. Rhythms

V Ibarrola’s art and concerns. Minimalism. Land Art. The cubes of Memory

VI Ludic aspects: How to regain the dynamics of children playing

VII Gestalt. Holism. Emergence

VIII The numinous and the magic flight


290 x 230 box format book, with reversible covers and magnetic clasp. Exquisitely finished in heavyweight coated paper… Photographs of 50 MP … in order to make your visit or lecture most enjoyable… including a virtual visit following the official index and covering the complete 7,4 km long trail… in 360 HR-panoramic views.


We have been very concerned to make the visit as accessible and universal as the Painted Forest of Oma itself, that so faithfully reflects the spirit of Agustin Ibarrola’s concern and oeuvre. Now you may enjoy it, perceiving the spirit and genius of the place, wherever you are.